Upcoming Activities

Let's Talk on Air - How Do You React to the Post Covid-19 Era

Another LToA event is coming up, on the topic of "How do you react to the post covid '19", and is going to be held on 2021-09-16 Thursday evening at 8:00pm.

After the pandemic broke out in 2019, there's been a lot of changes which certainly changes a lot of thoughts and behaviours in all aspects.  How are we going to face this, and how to prepare for the future to come, have you thought about it?

The event is under preparation now.  Again, it is a LToA event, not a webinar.  It is a discussion in which everybody voice out what they think, what they feel, and how they visualize this forward.  Your participation is welcomed.  As soon as the details are confirmed, notifications will be sent out to all our members.  Stay tuned.  W look forward to seeing you soon.